пример конспекта урока в 6 классе по учебнику Бибалетова М.З

Обсуждение начато Айна 7 года назад


Ход урока

I. Организационный момент

Good morning, boys and girls! I am happy to greet all the participants of our geographical club "Discovery". If you look at the blackboard, you will see that the topic of our lesson today is "Sights of London". Today I suggest you to travel around the capital of Great Britain. Try to forget that we are at the lesson. Let's have a friendly talk. I would like you to make your own project, a collage and say some words concerning your own ideas about interesting places of London.

II. Речевое развитие.

But before we start our traveling let's pronounce the words which will be necessary for us:

  • Double-decker bus
  • Sights
  • Abbey
  • Gallery
  • Museum
  • Square
  • The Tower
  • a castle
  • Buckingham Palace
  • the Thames

And now I wonder what places of interest would you like to visit in London? What do you associate with London? Name as many sights as you can.


Рисунок 2

Welcome to London!  What museum do you know

And this a museum. Madame Tussaud's is a wax museum. It is famous all over the world. There are a lot of kings, queens, politicians and stars. You can see famous people from the past and famous people of today. It is very popular – two million people visit it every year. There are about 4 hundred figures in the museum.

But the whole picture of London will not be completed if we don't mention one more interesting place. I would like you to tell about the London Eye.

                                                                The London Eye            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrc9E7rfdeE

The London Eye is the biggest wheel in Britain. It is also known as the Millennium Wheel. The London Eye is situated on the south bank of the river Thames. It is the tallest observation wheel with 40 km panoramic views on a clear day. The wheel is 135 m high. The architects are David Marks and Julia Bar field. It has 32 cabins for 25 people each. It takes about 30 minutes to climb into the sky. Up, up and away. The London Eye is very popular with tourists because there is a wonderful view from it. The London Eye was opened 8 years ago in 1999. The London Eye will be the Olympic emblem of the Olympic Games in 2012. It is a symbol of London today.

New words:

  • Millennium Wheel – колесо нового тысячелетия;
  • south bank – южный берег;
  • observation wheel – колесо обозрения;
  • panoramic views – панорамный вид;
  • popular with – популярно среди;
  • wonderful view – чудесный вид;
  • the Olympic emblem – олимпийская эмблема.




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